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429,00 € 469,00 €

New CrossFire 3 boot enriched with different revolutionary technologies. A big step forward from SIDI with this new top-of-the-line boot!

225,00 € 239,00 €

Alpinestars boots specifically for enduro use with clawed sole 

Our premium MX boot, the Instinct provides instant step in comfort and support with zero break in required. The patent pending hinge provides lateral support and a lock-out that stops motion before hyper extension. Our effortless patent pending buckle system moves fluidly as the boot flexes. The exclusive Duratec outsole and burn guard provide unmatched...

360,00 € 515,00 €

Fox instinct Boot, in Blue. With special Enduro sole

240,00 €

Fox comp 5 Boot, in Grey and Black. With special Enduro sole

189,00 € 249,00 €

Alpinestars boots specifically for enduro use with clawed sole 

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164,00 € 189,00 €

Forma boots Terrain Evo with dedicated, sole Specifies to use enduro. An absolute novelty at an unbeatable price.

179,00 € 199,00 €

New 2016!Gaerne boots, perfect for any type of soil, the Enduro sole allows you to have a good grip on all types of terrain.  

199,00 € 239,00 €

Boot off-road Terrain Form TX Enduro use specific soled enduro.

339,00 € 379,00 €

Specific use in offroad boots soled clawed enduro.

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