Knee and Elbow Guards 

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Light and protective knee pads, enriched with D3O plates. Ideal for Enduro MTB lovers.

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Shin protector by 661

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Knee, tibia and femur protection in plastic and EVA padding.

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elbow protector by Fox, soft and comfortable is perfect for your downhill

75,00 €

Lightweight, slip on, soft knee pad provides functional coverage.

119,00 €

Light weight featuring Curv®, pedal flex zones, custom foams and our innovative new Centre Strap System, The Control Knee is a minimalistic approach to pedal friendly knee protection.

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Knee protector by Fox, soft and comfortable is perfect for your downhill

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The Titan Pro Knee Guard provides complete shin, knee and lower thigh coverage. This is seamlessly joined by a dual pivoting bio-mechanic hinge and floating patella guard. Securing the asymmetrical leg-specific guard is the Posi-Lock buckle system featuring one-time strap adjustment. In all, it delivers central, stay-put coverage throughout the entire...

85,00 €

The Fox Launch Pro Knee/Shin Guard takes the same platform from the Launch Pro Knee to offer the same great fitting, lightweight guard with additional coverage.

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